Taste of Ichiryu Hakata Nakasu food stand Ramen

Ichiryu has been reported by various media and guidebooks as the most famous food stand ramen in Japan. The restaurant was featured on the television program


In 1974, Ichiryu became the first ramen stand among the food stands along the Naka River in the Nakasu area of Hakata (Kyushu). The head restaurant was later moved to Kawabata Shopping Street in Nakasu, where it has received passionate support from the local ramen enthusiasts over the years, and in recent years, customers from across Japan and overseas have come to seek the taste of Ichiryu. Following franchising by Triangle. Co., Ltd., and now Garden Co., Ltd., we have realized a licensing package for franchisees. Ichiryu is the only ramen restaurant that started as a food stand in Nakasu to expand nation-wide. While maintaining the same taste for 60 years, we have succeeded in reducing the cost of ingredients and improving store operations through trial and error. While maintaining tradition, the company continues to evolve in response to the times.

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Why Ichiryu?

1.Founded in 1955. Transmitting the authentic taste from Hakata across Japan.A manual was created, and processes from preparation to cooking were standardized. Anyone can reproduce the same methods. 2.The brand has been widely covered by mass media and is highly recognized, which facilitates expansion. 3.By introducing a

Overview of Licensing Business Model

1. Details of membership agreement
content of contract

Item Price (including tax) Details Time of payment Method of payment Conditions for return of funds
Cost for review None Review of the person applying for membership before membership is approved None None None
Fee for membership 2,160,000yen This is used to cover trademarks and license rights under our licensing system. At time of conclusion of contract Bank transfer Not returned
1,000,000yen The deposit is used to cover all obligations (raw materials, furniture, etc.) requested by us. The deposit will be refunded after termination of contract. At time of conclusion of contract Bank transfer The deposit will be refunded within three months following termination of contract. ※In the case that our company has any claim, the deposit will be refunded after offsetting.
Training costs Per person:108,000yen On-site training will be performed for two weeks at a directly managed training restaurant.The headquarters will decide the number of training staff required depending on the size of the restaurant(54,000 yen per additional person from the second person on). At time of conclusion of contract Bank transfer Not returned

2. Flow until opening
How to Start

Overview of operating company


Establishment Dec. 2015
Capital Stock 10,000,000yen
Number of Employees 513 full employees ( group )
President Satoshi Kawashima
Executive Managing Director Shuzo Ozawa
Director Isamu Kaoruda
Director Ryota Inoue
Auditor Tetsuji Ogawa